The beosound shape has come!

Let us be the first ones to present you BeoSound Shape, now available in our store.

beosound shape beosound shape beosoundshape

BeoSound Shape is a new system of wall surrounding speakers wireless designed for the music lovers worried about the design.

From a quite new format of modular creation, you can build sound architecture matched with the style of your inside and corresponding to your personality.
Modules in the shape of alveolus can be arranged and adjusted in an infinity of combinations, with a wide palette of colors and available tissues. Your composition can be as well sensational as discreet.

Furthermore, BeoSound Shape succeeds in spacialiser the sound and in giving the impression that a concert takes place directly in front of you. Instead of optimizing the sound towards a fixed point, this system uses its configuration with several surrounding speakers in a intelligent way to produce performances deserving of a concert, wherever whom you are in the room.

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